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Were you been looking for a help to tow your old, junk and wreck car from your garage but was able to find out that availing a towing services is actually an expensive one then, you should definitely check our company. Here in our company, we could offer our clients that best services in town such as our cash for cars, car wreckers, cash for damaged car, and old car removals. These are just a few of the services we can offer you and you can actually visit us or give us a call for any queries.

If you want to remove your old vehicle, then you need to contact us with following options in hand:


As the company runs for a couple of years already, we are able to hear from our client’s requests and one of these is the free old car removal which our company’s team would be happy to serve you.

We have been offering these free old car removal for a long time now and we were definitely able to gain a lot of experiences from it and we were also able to complete all the necessary equipment needed in towing a vehicle just to have a safer removal of it.

You may think that availing our services would need any payment from you but here in our company, you aren’t the one who will be paying you for the towing services rather we would pay you good money from it. We also provide scrap car removals service in Melbourne.

Cash for Old Car removals

What’s also good with the quote we give our clients is that we never buy vehicles in a low price rather; we are going to buy it whatever condition it is in with a very good deal. If you happen to be planning to buy a new car then you should definitely be able to sell your car in a high price which we are going to pay you right after towing your car from your home. Get more information about our cash for my cars Melbourne service.

Towing a vehicle specially the very old and wreck one is actually not an easy job but the right training our man power was able to encounter, rest assured that we will able to take care of the car you’ve been caring for over the years.

When it comes to the condition of your vehicle, you don’t have to worry anymore for we purposely had these free towing services for us to be able to reach out not just for those ‘good’ condition vehicles but also to those who are in a bad shape.

Our Service Areas

Were you able to left your car in the middle of the road after it got broke again and you are already exhausted to fix it up again which lives you to finally decide to sell it? Why don’t you sell it to us? Here in our company, we can help you get rid of the vehicle who’s been giving you the headache every time it crashes.

As our company strives hard to help you with all that we can especially when it comes to towing your car, we are willing to fetch your car from wherever your place is as long as it is in the premises of the city and the nearby suburbs of it. To find out your suburb, find out our locations list. The best way to find wreckers near you.

Hassle-free paper works

Doing the paper works when selling a car is indeed a hassle one where you have to visit a number of agencies just to complete all the documents but if you are just going to transact with us, we are very willing to do all these paper works for you and make your transactions with us a smoother one.

Choosing our company to finally sell your used, wreck, junk, and old car is definitely the best choice you’ll going to make and we would make sure to it that you will feel this.

A car is indeed one of the biggest investment a person can have all throughout his life thus, you have to make sure to it that the investment you’ve made years ago is good hands which is definitely our company.

Choosing the cash for old cars company to where you are going to sell your car can be tricky at some time but if you’ll just go over the services our company can offer you again, you can see how advance we are from other companies thus giving us the title as the best company in town. So, give us a call now; our team has been waiting to serve you. If you want to go ahead, just contact us and speak to one of our friendly staff.

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