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The Process From Car To Cash Melbourne

Car Removals, Wrecking, Cash for Cars Process for All Kind of Vehicles are same with the few simple steps to taking cares of recycling process. Turn Your Car to Cash with us.

1- Get free Quote for Your Vehicle

Via dealing our Business Number   0404 341 870

Via our car quote online form

Car removing process is to get free evaluation first, that will be done when we receive your query. Our customer services representative will get in touch. Our evaluators offer you the reasonable prices.

2-Schedule an appointment for Pick up your car

After providing you a quote, will discuss for meeting to pick up your vehicle. As per the time given by customer, our driver with tow truck come at the designated time to pick up. Driver will get you a company invoice and take your car away. Please make sure you remember to look into it. Take out all of your personal belongings and other such item out such as e-Tag, Wallet, DVDs, clothing. Your registration plate is also your property if not sold with the car. Make sure you take it out. Afterwards company is not liable if they throw it away or lost it. You can read more about what to do when selling car for recycling and wrecking from our blog page.


3- Cash Paid on Spot – Quick Payment


When the driver is there paying you cash for your car, It should match the invoice amount. This is important because we do not take responsibility of short change. Customer should be aware of the money handed over to them. Make sure you stand in a well-lit area with enough lighting for you to see count your money. While we are there we need to sight a photo ID. We will record this detail on the invoice we hand over to you. The invoice handed over to you is a valid proof that, we have taken your car. This helps both the parties. If there is any police report, or insurance claims we will assist the authorities.


4- Car Removal & Towing


After doing and completing all required paper work to sell your car for wrecking and giving you money. We start the process of towing of your vehicle. We put your vehicle on the two trucks and drop off to nearest car collection centre. Our car removals service is free of cost and will tow vehicle on same day after paying money to our customers.We start the process of wrecking and recycling. And it takes maximum two days to wreck your vehicle completely.

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